Tandem Tails Brewing Company

Tandem Tails Brewing Company

Tandem Tails is a homebrewing operation out of Santa Fe, NM.

Currently Fermenting 6.5 gal

Brew Name Type Start Date Fermentation OG Size
Heavy Metal from Outer Space Stout   Beer October 25, 2022 (3 months, 8 days ago) 1.105 4 gal
  A big stout that I'll age on bourbon, oak, cocoa and vanilla
Rosé wine Wine September 15, 2022 (4 months, 17 days ago) 1.056 2.5 gal
  With white and red grapes Teague. Fermented with Mangrove Jack CY-17.

Completed Brews 377.5 gal

Brew Name Type Dates OG FG ABV Size
Apple Cider Cider September 24, 2022 - October 20, 2022 (26 days) 1.056 1.000 7.5% 5 gal
  Fresh juiced apples from Teague. Fermented with Mangrove Jack CY-17.
Munich Dunkel   Beer September 24, 2022 - October 7, 2022 (13 days) 1.050 1.014 4.8% 5 gal
  First try at a Munich Dunkel. Looking for a malty, dark lager to have on tap over the winter. Fermenting with 34/70.
Festbier   Beer July 25, 2022 - September 15, 2022 (1 month, 21 days) 1.056 1.010 6.1% 5 gal
  Pilsner, Vienna and Melanoiden malts with Hallertau and Spalt hops. Fermenting with 34/70.
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Upcoming Brews 8 gal

These are recipes we're planning on brewing soon

Brew Name Type Size
Farmhouse Saison   Beer 4 gal
  Testing out a Saison using Lalbrew Farmhouse dry yeast.
Neomexicanus Pale Ale   Beer 4 gal
  Hazy style grain bill with a bunch of home grown hops thrown in at the end of boil and for dry hopping.

Brewing by type

How many gallons we've brewed of each type

Type: Completed: Fermenting:
Beer 284.5 4
Cider 42 --
Mead 47.5 --
Wine 3.5 2.5
Total 377.5 6.5

Kegging / Bottling Pipeline

Keeping track of what I need to keg or bottle soon. This will help me decide when I can brew next!

Festbier (5 gal) - On Tap
Munich Dunkel (5 gal) - On Tap
Apple Cider (5 gal) - Queued for kegging
Going to let this condition for a while before tapping it next Fall